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Yacob , Weenta-Letehans, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Yahia, Hussin, Mentor, Middle East College
Yahia, Hussin A. M., Middle East College
Yahia, Hussin A.M
Yahia, Hussin A.M., Middle East College
Yang, Hoi Ching, University of Hong Kong
Yang, Jingzhen, Center for Injury Research and Policy at The Abigail Wexner Research Institute, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Yang, Liuxufei, Middlebury College
Yang, Sarah, Kennesaw State University
Yanovsky, Sonia, University of West Florida
Yanovsky, Sonia B., University of West Florida
Yee, Shirley, Mentor, University of Washington
Yelderman, Logan A., Prairie View A&M University
Yoo, Jee Young, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College
Yoon, Hwan-Sik, The University of Alabama
Yousif Ali Mohammed, Amel Mazhar, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
Yu, Megan, University of California, Los Angeles
Yu, Paul, West Chester University of Pennslyvania
Yunus Sozen, Mushin, Le Moyne College

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