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M. R., Puttaswamy, Middle East College
Ma, Henglong, Cleveland State University (at Cleveland, OH)
Ma, Lin, Denison University
MacFarland, Alexandra, Suffolk University
MacKay, Ian Douglas, Middlebury College
Mader, Jordan, University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Madsen, Matthew, Brigham Young University
Maheta, Vrajesh dinesh, Middle East college Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Al Rusayl, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman
Mahjabeen, Rubana, University of Wisconsin Superior
Mahmood, Salman, Malaysia University of Science and Technology
Mahmood Mohammed Al Amri, Omaimah , Middle East College
Mair, Jhevon Antonio, Prairie View A&M University: College of Nursing
Malali Rajegowda, Puttaswamy, Middle East College
Malali Rajegowda, Puttaswamy
Malcolm, Sarah, Newcastle University
Malek, Inshirah Abdul, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
Malotra-Gaudet, Lauren, Barnard College, Columbia University
Manchiryal, Ram Kishore, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
Manchiryala, Ram , Middle East College
Mandatori, Flavia, University of Tampa
Manohar, Annamayil, Texas Woman's University
Mansouri, Nazanin, University of Portland
Mansouri, Nazanin, Mentor. University of Portland
Mansouri, Nazanin, Shiley School of Engineering, University of Portland
Manzouri, Saman, A. T. Still University - School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona

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