Systematic Approach for Development of Knowledge Base in Higher Education


  • Teba Fadhil Muhsin
  • Anjum Zameer Bhat
  • Imran Ahmed
  • Mohamed Samiulla Khan



IoT in Education, Knowledge Base for Higher Education, Educational System, Higher Education and IoT, IoT and Big Data for Education.


Internet of Things and Big Data are revolutionary technologies bringing innovation in almost every sector. These innovative technologies have of late been implemented in the education sector with significant success in achieving the goal of “education par excellence”. A lot of research has been conducted to yield the benefits of IoT in the education sector and many models have been proposed in the past by various researchers all around the world. This research introduces a systematic manner of collecting the data using sensing devices from various cohorts of students studying at “Middle East College” and how this data can be utilized to infer various postulations related to the enhancement of teaching and learning. Moreover, visualization of the facts that may provide preventive and preemptive capabilities to manage and support them in decision making is also explored in great detail. This research work is an effort to contribute to the development of a strong educational system through innovation and inquiry. This research work is also intended to contribute to developing the foundation of “knowledgebase” for Middle East College.


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Teba Fadhil Muhsin, Anjum Zameer Bhat, Imran Ahmed, & Mohamed Samiulla Khan. (2020). Systematic Approach for Development of Knowledge Base in Higher Education. Journal of Student Research.