Road Safety Assessment from Rustaq to Ibri


  • Yasmine Abdullah Khalfan Alzeedi
  • Adams Joe



Road safety, Accident , Risk, Geometric design


This paper will discuss the road safety assessment methods which are the road safety check to determine the road safety risks. safety professional considers road and traffic characteristics and crashes history The area of study is the Rustaq –Ibri road. The road was built in 2006, it is connected between Muscat and the governorates of Al-Dhahirah and South Batinah. The length is about 80 Km, and the speed limit is between 60 and 80 Km/h. By using the road safety check method to identify the problems which can happen due to the geometric design of the road, and the causes of car accidents on this road. This report will mention the effect of the geometric design of road on the number of car accidents, the causes of car accidents in this road, and provide suitable solutions to increase the safety on Rustaq-Ibri road.


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Yasmine Abdullah Khalfan Alzeedi, & Adams Joe. (2020). Road Safety Assessment from Rustaq to Ibri. Journal of Student Research.