Implementation of IOT Based Smart Energy Meter in Oman


  • Hassan Ali Alajmi
  • Raid Rashid Ali Alsaidi
  • Omar Abdullah Sultan AL-shibli
  • Senthil Ramadoss



Raspberry Pi, Energy meter, Camera pi, IOT, Wi-Fi.


Managing the energy efficient and conserving it intelligently for appliances is very much important. On the other side, it may be possible events mistake cause while reading on energy meter, monitoring and keeping track of your electricity consumption for verification is a tedious task today. Our main objective of measuring the power consumption at homes using IOT with raspberry pi during period time, which can be controlled as well monitored through the raspberry pi across the IOT. We used Python programming language to control raspberry pi. It's based on raspbian which is operating system for all models of the raspberry Pi that subject to linux system. As we say before raspberry pi has inputs and we use it for connecting the supply, energy meter and load such as a lamp or Drill. The energy meter is connected to the raspberry pi. This allows user to easily check the energy usage along with the cost charged online using a simple web application connecting to Wi-Fi. Thus, the energy meter monitoring system allows consumer to effectively monitor electricity meter readings and bill amount in an easy way. It presents a low cost and flexible energy meter monitoring system using IOT. In addition, we use camera which is called camera pi. Camera pi takes picture from meter reading and communicates to consumer via email. All information on the energy meter screen will be taken by raspberry pi module. Using this data, the raspberry pi will calculate the bill amount then send to the consumer by email. Finally, this project will help for the proper and accurate reading of the billing process automatically. Also, it enables consumer to save the money for a long time. This technology offers new and exciting opportunity to reduce the work of workers.


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Hassan Ali Alajmi, Raid Rashid Ali Alsaidi, Omar Abdullah Sultan AL-shibli, & Senthil Ramadoss. (2020). Implementation of IOT Based Smart Energy Meter in Oman. Journal of Student Research.