Ultraviolet Imaging Techniques for Off-Line Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment


  • Khawla Saeed Salim Al-Khawaldi
  • Ohood Khamis Suwaid Al-Maqbali
  • Fatema Khamis Rashid Al Maamari
  • Bashayar Saif Said Al Khawaldi
  • Murali Krishna Boddu




Thermal Image, Corona Image, Power Transformer, Corona, radio interference.


By using appropriate method to detect the functioning state of electrical equipment is always significantly more concerned with operational and economic point of view. With invention of the instruments which can capture images at Ultraviolet and infrared wavelength gives the required information for perceiving condition of the particular power system equipment with contactless measurement of parameters which leads the system to abnormal condition. Thermal, Corona images are those of such kind will be useful for the offline monitoring of the complex power system equipment where human cannot go and observe the actual status while system is under energized state. The equipment’s mainly Power transformer, insulators, Circuit breakers, transmission line connection of power system are to be examined correctly. Thermal Imaging mainly gives the temperature raise of the component of the equipment and from that data is useful in analyzing the reasons and process for scheduled preservation before the disorder of the system. The corona discharge will cause the waste of power energy, radio interference, audible noise, insulation aging, and these defects are great threats to the safety and stability of electrical equipment. The different corona discharge defect part of high voltage electrical equipment is Listed such as the grading ring, drop wire, jumper and over line, spacing rods, tube bus end and connecting joint. While the photon numbers of corona discharge under different defects are measured by the ultraviolet imager called as corona image. The analysis is conducted for a 33KV/11KV primary substation of a Distribution system along with secondary transmission line for thermal and Corona imaging. Infra-red Thermal camera and Ultraviolet Corona camera are used for the taking images at the substation. Thus, obtained data is compared with respective international standards for taking appropriate schedule for maintenance or clearance of the effected equipment at the earliest time possible to get the consumer with uninterruptable power supply.


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Khawla Saeed Salim Al-Khawaldi, Ohood Khamis Suwaid Al-Maqbali, Fatema Khamis Rashid Al Maamari, Bashayar Saif Said Al Khawaldi, & Murali Krishna Boddu. (2020). Ultraviolet Imaging Techniques for Off-Line Condition Monitoring of Power System Equipment. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.996