Governmental Stakeholders Impact on Construction Projects in Oman


  • Osama Salim Al Adawi Middle East College
  • Said Salim Al Hina Middle East College
  • Hussin A. M. Yahia Middle East College
  • Ram Kishore Manchiryal MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE



NOCs, stakeholders & construction sector


Organizations and companies who are working on construction sector within Oman are suffering from running into the bureaucracy process which established within the governmental stakeholders to obtain approvals and permissions like NOCs (No Objection Certificates). The objectives of this Research are to identify the impact of governmental stakeholders on delaying projects completion as a result of lengthy process of granting NOCs and subsequently design a platform which will guarantee a flat process for approaching information and issuing approvals. Three research methodologies have been implemented in this study. The first one was a quantitative where questionnaire distributed to selective personnel who are working in construction project environment and representing different local companies. The second one was a qualitative method where interviews with project managers, senior engineers and leaders in the construction field has been conducted to understand the impact caused by long approval process in their projects’ lifecycle. The third one was an expert system where an online platform is developed and sought to expedite the approvals process from governmental stakeholders and accordingly evaluate the compatibility and reliability of the system through selective personnel from the construction sector. The expected outcomes of this study are to achieve a solution with an aim at speeding up issuing NOCs and approvals obtainment as well as diminishing the needless processes practiced by governmental stakeholders in the built environment within Oman.


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Al Adawi, O. S., Al Hina, S. S., Yahia, H. A. M., & Manchiryal, R. K. (2020). Governmental Stakeholders Impact on Construction Projects in Oman . Journal of Student Research.