Green Home: New Application for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality Using Arduino Platform


  • Ameera Ali Al-Fazari College of Applied Sciences, Ibri
  • Mahra Said Ahmed Al-Risi College of Applied Sciences, Ibri
  • Dr. Rasha Sh. AbdulWahhab College of Applied Sciences, Ibri



Arduino; Air Quality; Toxic Gases Sensor; Internet of Things..


Air pollution is one of the most serious problems facing the atmosphere on the planet. Air pollution is defined as a collection of harmful chemicals and an organic material from factories are emitted in the atmosphere layer and causes many different diseases such as cough, eye irritation and even death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of deaths per year due to pollution from gases is about 3.5 million. The main objective of this research is to develop a real time air pollution monitoring web application able to detect indoor toxic gases titled Aircom. The proposed application has a special feature in which IoT technology is embedded in one of its units. The main purpose of using such technology is to help individual to check and get real time information about air’s parameters such as Methane, Ethanol, Toluene, CO2, CO, Alcohol, Acetone, LPG, NH4, Benzene and Hexane along with the temperature, humidity and dust. Aircome will be implemented as an integrated pollution monitoring application which consist of MQ-2, MQ-3, MQ-135, MQ-9, GP2Y1010AU0F, GPS,DHT11, ESP8266 Wi-Fi, Arduino Uno board and web server.  All the collected data form the suggested sensors are transmitting using Wifi technology to IoT module and in an online database.  Moreover, the collected data later can be viewed using web browser which is installed in any of electronic media. The retrieved data will be displayed in the form of tables and graphs. An alert will be send by Aircom instantly in case the level of air‘s parameters reach above normal level. Generally speaking, Aircom will be developed by using different languages such as C++, Arduino, Java, Java script, PHP, html and MySQL.  For further verification of our proposal, we employed a quantitative study to check if what we proposed will have positive impact among different samples in the society. The outcome of the survey indicates that using such application helps to protect individuals from the bad air quality and decreases the potential health problems.


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Al-Fazari, A. A., Al-Risi, M. S. A., & AbdulWahhab, R. (2020). Green Home: New Application for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality Using Arduino Platform . Journal of Student Research.