Evaluation of the Quality of Service Muasalat Oman Company


  • Ali Khaliah Al Bluish
  • Hussin A.M Yahia




quality service, traveler satisfaction & public transportation


Public transportation is one of the significant contributor towards the economic growth and development of a country as it facilitates the movement of people, labour, products and services and raw materials among others. With the increasing competition and options in the public transportation sector, the customers have become highly demands and expect to be served better by the companies. There are many factors affecting the customer perception and the customer satisfaction level considering the public transportation including the quality of the buses, timing and punctuality of the business. The aim of this research is to examine the degree of service quality and customer satisfaction in the transport service industry in Oman, a case on Mwasalat Bus Way Company.  The data was collected via the questionnaire distributed among the   medium among the travelers. The data collected has been transformed into numerical format for ease of analysis using the SPSS software 23. The researcher has relied on the software for conducting the reliability test, frequency distribution test, cross tabulation and correlation analysis for assessing the potential relationship between different variables of the study. The research finding has indicated that through Urban transportation sector in Oman is focused on offering high quality service to the customers, there is need for the sector to offer additional benefits to reflect their adoption of market trends as in the free Wi-Fi access while travelling, electronic devices charging points and the latest means of payments like over the phone among others.


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Ali Khaliah Al Bluish, & Hussin A.M Yahia. (2020). Evaluation of the Quality of Service Muasalat Oman Company. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.911