Solar Energy in Oman: Performance and Efficiency


  • Asmaa Khalfan Saif Al-Falahi



Solar energy, performance, efficiency, solar technology, building in Omani.


Solar energy is power uses in various techniques to concentrate the energy of the sun and converted into electricity and then supplies it for thousands of people. Furthermore, solar energy efficiency and performance still law it around 15% -21.5% ranging for solar crystalline silicon. Besides that, Oman has a good graphical location for applied solar energy technologies and an increase in efficiency and performance of using solar energy technologies can make economic future development which can help to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and create a sustainable environment that can make a change in Omani economic diversification. Acutely, the main objective of this research is to study the performance of solar energy in building and enhance solar energy efficiently in Oman. The research methods that used are qualitative and quantitative which are questionnaire and interview that analyzed by using SPSS program and narrative analysis. Moreover, the result analysis of this research display that the performance of solar energy can be improving by Make solar technology clean, install solar energy technology correctly, Provide solar concentrator and avoid the shaded area. Additionally, the efficiency of solar energy can be increased by using many technologies as solar cell glazing, cooling technique Concentrators, and Solar tracking.


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