An investigation of Driver Attitudes Towards Road Safety in Oman


  • Eman Yousuf Al-Maimani Middle East College
  • Hussin A.M. Yahia Middle East College



behaviors, road traffic accidents and road safety


The Summary: Nowadays, road safety and associated behaviors received a lot of attention. Road Traffic Accident (RTA) is a combination of many factors comprising roads designs, vehicle and environmental conditions and human behavior. Human behavior is the most prevalent contributing factor for road traffic accidents. This study aims to identify accident risk factors associated with driving behaviors among the drivers in Oman and its risk perception. The study comprised the use of both qualitative and quantitative methods. The qualitative method included interviews with focus group from the Ministry of Transportation in Oman. The quantitative approach included analysis of road traffic accidents in Oman, followed by a survey questionnaire distributed to a random selection drivers in Oman. Both qualitative and quantitative data were analyzed using constant comparative and statistical techniques. The results showed that gender, age, and experience have significant influence on attitude towards the commission of traffic violations and risk behavior. The young and male drivers were found to be significantly more involved in road accidents, and the 26-33 years age group and those with minimal driving experience of 1-5 years constitute the risk-taking attitudes group. The results of this study will be of interest to the local community and transport planning in the Sultanate of Oman and it will help reduce traffic accidents and improve driver behavior.


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Al-Maimani, E. Y., & Yahia, H. A. (2020). An investigation of Driver Attitudes Towards Road Safety in Oman. Journal of Student Research.