Smart Fire Alarm System Using IOT


  • Ibrahim Majid Al Shereiqi Middle East College
  • Muham mad Sohail Middle East College



Smart fire alarm, IOT system, Intel Galileo Gen 2


The research paper proposes the “Smart Fire Alarm System Using IOT” in smart building by integrating IOT devices, including fire alarm devices (smoke and temperature detectors), Arduino and other complementary equipment. The idea of the research paper is when a fire occurs, the sensors will send a message to the security of the building and the official, and this massage includes location and time. The internet of things is predicted to provide businesses and people with better visibility and has the power to control 99% of environments and available objects that are at this time out of reach of the internet. So therefor, IOT make opportunity to people and businesses to be attached with the outside world even more than before that will achieve more meaningful work in higher levels. The traditional fire alarm system contains several types of devices each has a specific role in system operation to detect people and worn them through visual and audible devices if there is a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or any other emergencies. This type of alarm can automatically have activated from heat and smoke detector and it could be activated by manual fire alarms such us manual focal point or intake station. Alarms can come as a motorized bell; horns or wall-mounted speaker they can also be luminous sound for speakers that actually sound an alarm, and add an audio evacuation message that for example will warn people against using elevator.


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Al Shereiqi, I. M., & Sohail, M. mad. (2020). Smart Fire Alarm System Using IOT. Journal of Student Research.