An Exploration of the Roles, Goals, and Social Interactions of Ghanaian Women


  • Raven Gilliam Clark Atlanta University
  • Medha Talpade Clark Atlanta University



gender roles, social roles, women, education, family structure


This ethnography study sought to explore the lived experiences of Ghanaian women from urban and rural areas, and their roles in society. Research has revealed that Ghanaian women are on the rise of independence and higher education. Empirical data has identified the popular jobs among Ghanaian women in rural and urban areas as well as how much they value education. Research has also identified the careers which are and are not respected in Ghanaian culture. This study took a unique glimpse into the lives of young Ghanaian college students’ and how aspirations and career goals for either gender is the same but differences exist in upbringing. Focus groups consisted of college students, ages 20-25. Native Ghanaian students from rural and urban area of Ghana. Research questions focused on the roles of Ghanaian women in society; specifically, their roles at home and work; their social relationships, specifically their interactions and friendships.Validation strategies include rich thick descriptions, member checking, and journaling. Atlas Ti was used for the data analyses and the following themes emerged; experiences of higher education, white collar jobs, feelings about financial stability, feelings and experiences about marriage and friendship, and the essence of independence. This exploration serves as a means to educate young African American women on the culture and values held so respectfully by Ghanaians which would be the land of many of our ancestors. This is an attempt to understand how Ghanaian women take on the challenge of laying a foundation for women to walk on while having to conform to what a male dominant society expects while still holding on to their own sense of power.


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Gilliam, R., & Talpade, M. (2021). An Exploration of the Roles, Goals, and Social Interactions of Ghanaian Women. Journal of Student Research, 10(1).



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