Power Management System Based on Predefined Schedule Using Control App


  • Amel Mazhar Yousif Ali Mohammed MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Vrajesh Dinesh Maheta Middle East College




Android Application, Microcontroller and Wi-Fi communication.


In large organizations devices operating on electrical energy are manually switched and remain ON throughout the day. Most venues are seldom used or used according to predefined schedule. When the energy devices remain ON, even when the venue is not being used, a lot of energy is wasted. The proposed approach suggests development of automatic ON or OFF switching devices  to avoid wasting energy for each venue depending on the time table. The proposed project intends to conserve energy consumption by optimizing scheduling of load to optimize utilization. Considering the importance given to energy conservation by the Sultanate of Oman, to save energy, a study on the present prevailing system has been carried out. The results of this study provide an insight to the energy consumed in a sample venue. The project approach has significant improvement to save energy. In order to overcome the energy  wasted over manually switching, this project is designed to load devices according to using time by android application. The android application has been designed to gather all essential timetable details of each room. Which connected directly with microcontroller through Wi-Fi communication. According to received data , the signal which received by microcontroller may include ether high voltage or low voltage. The microcontroller detects the voltage and based on the data which received from android application, its activates the relay driver to switch particular relay.


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Author Biographies

Amel Mazhar Yousif Ali Mohammed, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE


Vrajesh Dinesh Maheta, Middle East College



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Yousif Ali Mohammed, A. M., & Dinesh Maheta, V. (2017). Power Management System Based on Predefined Schedule Using Control App. Journal of Student Research. https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.vi.572