Security enabled parallel connection for intercom


  • Mubarak Nasser Kalif Al-Hatmi Middle East College
  • Jibreal Khan Middle East College
  • Sumesh EP Middle East College



intercom, arduino, exchange, relay


The paper is intended to keep up security amongst 4 parallel telephones associated with a solitary telephone cable wire. The proposed system provide near independent line like performance for the set of 4 intercoms line. At the point when two or more telephone is associated with a solitary telephone wire line, anybody can pick up telephone to attend the discussion on other end. The projected framework gives an answer for security amongst the telephones associated. So as to meet the prerequisite we are utilizing four phones associated as a part of parallel throughout solitary phone cable line with every phone associated through communicate a transfer in the framework.

At the point when any of phone is picked up every single other telephone are disengaged by the transfers through a configuration plan of opt couplers, the consequence of that is provided to a code able Arduino. The Arduino drives signal to a seven segment demonstration to show which phone is picked up, whereas different phones are disengaged by particular transfers with assist of Relay-Driver Integrated Circuit connected to Arduino.

The system can be utilized in home and workplaces there two or more phone is associated in parallel throughout a solitary phone line wire. The venture is reasonable for both approaching and going outward calls.

Facilitate the venture can be upgraded by including more numeral of telephones with intercom service. An approaching caller ID service can likewise add further to this.


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Mubarak Nasser Kalif Al-Hatmi, Middle East College


Jibreal Khan, Middle East College


Sumesh EP, Middle East College




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