Implementing Multiprotocol Label Switching Technology for Secure Network Communication between Organizations


  • Indrani Palanisamy MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Hamed Abdulla Hamed Al-Bulushi Middle East College





This exploratory study analyzed the current complications in the Manufacturing organizations for transferring files between two or more sites in-between an organization over an unsecured network communication. Based on the analysis we provide reliable implementation by an appropriate solution to improve and develop the performance of the network communication to help the company to progress the quality of work. The initial phase of the study analyses about Virtual Private Network (VPN) based on the network layers and identifies the underneath difficulties in VPN while data travels over the network in the form of encapsulation and the traffic of the fundamental network. Because of such an encapsulation technique used in VPN, it increases the network traffic which affects the bandwidth of a low-speed internetworking communication. By analyzing various case studies, it was identified Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology gives a feasible solution to put the network communication on the right track. It creates secure and reliable connectivity between organization sites and was effectively implemented in the place where slow speed network for connectivity between organizations are found. The recommending this MPLS solution, it helps organizations to share and effectively utilize the servers and service between organizations for secure, reliable and effective communication. Also by considering network security factor as a very significant factor for any network, we have also implemented the Firewall which provides appropriate defense for networks that prevents from internal and external threats. At the same time, the solution also provides support to Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) for providing easy manage and control all wireless access point.



Keywords: Firewall, Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Servers, Virtual  Private Network (VPN), Wireless LAN Controller (WLC).


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Indrani Palanisamy, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE


Hamed Abdulla Hamed Al-Bulushi, Middle East College




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Palanisamy, I., & Al-Bulushi, H. A. H. (2017). Implementing Multiprotocol Label Switching Technology for Secure Network Communication between Organizations. Journal of Student Research.