Exploring Internet of Things (IoT) in Safety and Security Environment


  • Indrani Palanisamy MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE







Internet of things (IoT) is new technology aimed to achieve the goals of daily life because every transaction via the Internet and we have to live with it. The aim of this study is to enhance the security and safety objectives to virtually monitor the organizations before the problem occurs as a preventive measure by implementing new monitoring technology using multiple sensors. Internet of things is a new technology in security and safety environment. In this study the implementation of this new technique will focus on the Office of Security and Safety Affairs, which allows them to monitoring through the screen about the work environment in the company and inform the management about the incident such as fire or suffocation in a room by sending an email and also by notification in the screen. In each room, we have implemented sensors and through which the data are sent to the servers. This technological development contributes to the organizational growth by controlling any remote device and to take quick decisions in an unforeseen event and provide proper protection during such occurrence. This technological evolution in the name of the Internet of things (IoT) in our regular work environment helps to increase remote monitoring and roaming capabilities. This exploratory study based solution is implemented to use new things in the raspberry pi3 device and the sensor that is connected through the internet. This Sensor will monitor occurring in their location and the data is sent to the server in order to monitor security and safety of the organization from control Centre located remotely. This technology also enables communication with the Office of Security and Safety notified about any event and can send an email alert or notification through their Monitoring screen.

This study is an innovative advent with regard to safety and security, helping to communicate with the human and the network. Internet of Things is nearly the things that can control remotely over the internet. This technology helps companies that need the work environment to integrate with the Internet of Things, which will help them through it in safety and security matters.



Keywords: Internet of Things (IoT), Remote Monitoring, Safety & Security, Sensors.


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Indrani Palanisamy, MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE




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