Assessing the Effectiveness of Solar and Wind Energy in Sultanate of Oman


  • Mohammed–Hasham Azam Middle East College
  • Mohammed Abushammala Middle East College



Energy Sources, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy


The Sultanate of Oman is a fast growing region and has fifth largest economy in the GCC regions. The oil and gas sectors are the main promoters of Oman’s economy. The reservoirs of natural resources are insufficient to satisfy for a continuation of the current trends. The electricity sector of Oman mostly depends on natural gas: 97.5% and Diesel: 2.5%.  Renewable energy has no major role in the country’s energy supply despite of having valuable wind and solar resources. This review paper tends to bring forward the current and future renewable plans and situations of solar and wind energy in Sultanate of Oman. Therefore this objective is achieved by carrying out literature review of the importance of the wind and solar sources according to the conditions of Oman and by visiting the existing renewable energy plants.


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Author Biographies

Mohammed–Hasham Azam, Middle East College

Mr. Mohammed Hasham Azam is a graduated Civil Engineer. He holds aBEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering from Middle East College, which isaffiliated to Coventry University UK. He is currently working as a ProjectEngineer in Hoehler + alSalmly and also stays involved in research activities.Hasham does research in Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering,his research interest focuses on solving different environment related issues,environmental studies, renewable energy and waste-to-energy. He has published 4 papers in internationaljournals and 3 international conferences. Currently, his one more paper is accepted for publication in TheJournal of Solid Waste Technology and Management and is in the process of publication. His currentresearch focuses on waste management and renewable energy. Please email [email protected] orcall TL: +968 96155214 to contact Mr. Hasham.

Mohammed Abushammala, Middle East College

Dr. Mohammed F.M. Abushammala holds a PhD (Year 2012) in Civil and Structural Engineering, specialist in Environmental Engineering, from The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia. He is working as an Assistant Professor in Environmental Engineering at the Department of Civil Engineering, Middle East College (MEC), Oman. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate on Higher Educational Professional Practice from Coventry University, UK in 2017.Dr. Abushammala has 10 years of research experience in the field of Environmental Engineering. His research interest focus on solving different environmental problems in the area of air pollution, water and soil pollution, and municipal solid waste management; which included but not limited to: waste to energy technologies, municipal solid waste management, composting, landfilling, waste recycling, landfill gas emission and methane oxidation, Biogas, Biodrying, water treatment and expert system in environmental engineering. He has published 32 papers in various international journals and 16 international conferences. His current research focuses on waste management, renewable energy and water treatment in Oman. Please email [email protected] or call TL: +968 93948805 to contact Dr. Abushammala.



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