A look at Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festival


  • Xingran Zhao Rutgers University
  • Xuanyu Chen Rutgers University
  • Xingni Song Rutgers University
  • Weilin Zhang Rutgers University
  • Lei Gao Rutgers University
  • Reine De Ciel Rutgers University




Alibaba, Shopping Festival, Millennials, Consumption choices


During the last nine years, more and more young people are joining in the carnival on November 11(Double 11 Shopping Festival). Millennials are often not asked why they are going to do online shopping on this day. Firstly, the focus of our study is to understand the avenues of information that are used by millennial shoppers for consumption choices related to Double 11 shopping festival. Secondly, we are interested in what attracts this group to the online venue from a list of motivational factors including social and financial savings. The study provides a minor look at carnival day to analyze the data collected through different methods, such as questionnaire and search engines in the internet. The results of the evaluation show significant information about millennial consumption motivation. This illustrates the reason why Double 11 carnival is so popular and for young college students. Moreover, how Alibaba’s the Double 11 is so successfully with China’s youth. This consumer inquiry will be used to answer some potential marketing problems.


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Author Biography

Xingran Zhao, Rutgers University

The first author Xingran Zhao is a senior year student who majors in Public Affairs Management. Professor Reine De Ciel is the advisor, and her email is : [email protected]. Xingran Zhao: [email protected], Xuanyu Chen:[email protected], Xingni Song:[email protected], Weilin Zhang: [email protected], Lei Gao: [email protected]



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Zhao, X., Chen, X., Song, X., Zhang, W., Gao, L., & De Ciel, R. (2020). A look at Alibaba Double 11 Shopping Festival. Journal of Student Research, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.v8i1.527



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