A Look at the Tradition of Lack of Accommodating of Citizens with Disabilities in The People’s Republic of China


  • Xingran Zhao Rutgers University
  • Nan Mu Rutgers University
  • Xiao Xu Rutgers University
  • Yu Liang Rutgers University
  • Mingxi Su Rutgers University
  • Qi Liao Rutgers University
  • Reine De Ciel Rutgers University




Disabled citizens, Public service, Volunteer


It is common to encounter a citizen with disability in everyday life. According to data from the second national survey of disabled people, the group accounts for 5.26% of the population of Guangzhou. Citizens with vision, hearing or physical disability accounts for the largest part of this statistic. Citizens with disabilities in The People’s Republic of China often are treated as inferiors. There is a history of complaints of a lack of physical and service related accommodation by this group. Citizens with disabilities state that it is very difficult to find a job because of the unfair treatment. Zhang Hai Di is a famous Chinese writer with severe disability. A true advocate, Di, devoted her life to helping peoples with disabilities to have the same rights as others. This acclaimed writer has played a critical role helping the government build many policies which have had some effects to the disabled people. There is still room for improvement in China (Wang,2017). For example, the majority of building are lack wheelchair accessibility. This is a serious problem for the blind and disabled citizens of The People’s Republic of China. Moreover, most signage and computers are not designed for the blind. Special phones for the deaf citizens are not common.


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Author Biography

Xingran Zhao, Rutgers University

The first author Xingran Zhao is a senior year student who majors in Public Affairs Management. Professor Reine De Ciel is the advisor, and her email is : [email protected]




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Zhao, X., Mu, N., Xu, X., Liang, Y., Su, M., Liao, Q., & De Ciel, R. (2019). A Look at the Tradition of Lack of Accommodating of Citizens with Disabilities in The People’s Republic of China. Journal of Student Research, 8(1). https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.v8i1.526



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