Countermeasures for Dysregulation of the Immune System of Astronauts During Prolonged Space Flights


  • Bethany Dawn Barrientos Langston University



Immune System, Astronauts, Outer Space


NASA/National Space Gant College/Oklahoma Space Grant Consortia /Langston University/ Langston University NASA Advanced Research in Biology Center (LUNAR-BC)/ Langston University (STEM) Science Technology Engineering and Math Langston University STEM Team Langston University STEM team technicians are building a real sounding rocket/biology experiment payload; they will integrate and launch it on a two-stage Terrier-Orion rocket into outer space, and will design and manufacture a clinostat (rotating microgravity machine) and use it as a ground biology comparison experiment. Payload Control Sensor System Project Technician Leaders: Kameron Gibson, CADD. Project Technicians Lily Amber Martin, Bio. Brendon Wilkinson, Elec. Raechel Martin, CADD. Nicholas Grace, CS Moin Muhammad Khalil, Math Geiger Counter 8 GB SD Card Memory, 0-15 PSI Pressure Sensor, and Temperature Sensor, 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Accelerometer in Low and Medium Range, 1-Axis Accelerometer in High Range, Humidity Sensor, and shield with all sub system printed circuit boards, Arduino, Code, and Calibration. Plate, Mechanical, Canister, Electrical, and Rocket Integration Payload Biology Experiment Effects of microgravity on the immune system. Human immune cells will be subjected to microgravity environment for six minutes. Payload Biology Experiment Integration (RockSat-C) Ground Biology Comparison Experiment (Clinostat) Project Technician Leaders: Celicia Kinlow, CADD Project Technicians Jordan McClellan, Elec. Micaiah, Tripplett, CADD. Rosalba Z. White, Bio Moin Muhammad Khalil, Math Researchers will simulate microgravity by using a clinostat (rotating microgravity machine) that will keep a constant speed. The clinostat will hold a biological experiment inside a vial, placed at the center of the rings which are suspended in the middle of a media growth liquid and will be spinning on 3-axis points at a particular RPM to negate the effects of gravitational pull. STEM Technicians will design and manufacture the Clinostat for the experiment.


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Bethany Dawn Barrientos, Langston University




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Barrientos, B. D. (2018). Countermeasures for Dysregulation of the Immune System of Astronauts During Prolonged Space Flights. Journal of Student Research.