Characterization of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Gene RSP1977


  • Arlie Joe Green Indiana University Southeast
  • Aaron Setterdahl Indiana University Southeast



Biochemistry, chemistry, bacteria, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, genetics,


Rhodobacter sphaeroides is a purple, non-sulfur, photosynthetic bacterium whose entire genomic DNA has been sequenced, however, many of the genes in its genome have not been characterized in order to determine their function in the bacterium.  Furthermore, many of the genes in R. sphaeroides are very similar to gene sequences in other organisms.  Therefore, upon determining the functions of R. sphaeroides genes, it will help lead to a better understanding of the functions of genes in other organisms.  This research is an attempt to isolate, purify and characterize proteins from R. sphaeroides using techniques in biochemistry, molecular biology, informatics, and genetics.  To date, the gene RSP1977 has been successfully isolate, cloned, and analyzed.  It has been attempted to insert the gene into the pSC-B-amp/kan cloning vector, to transform the vector into competent cells, then re-isolate the vector and confirm the insertion of RSP1977.  However, confirmation has not yet been obtained of successful insertion and re-purification.  The next steps, after confirmation would be to insert the gene into the pET-21b(+) expression vector and express the protein.  Once the protein is expressed, its functions will be studied and determined.


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Green, A. J., & Setterdahl, A. (2012). Characterization of Rhodobacter sphaeroides Gene RSP1977. Journal of Student Research, 1(1), 33-38.



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