Sexual Assault against Women of Color


  • Victoria Catherine Olive Seattle University, Seattle, WA



Sexual Assault, Women of Color, Intersectionality


This paper approaches the issue of sexual assault against women of color from an intersectional perspective. By analyzing the current body of research on the subject, I argue that women of color's experience of sexual assault is fundamentally different from that of White women for multiple reasons. While the available research does explain certain aspects of women of color's experiences, additional research is necessary in order to improve our understanding of and the care we provide for women of color who have been sexually assaulted. Because women of color have been subjugated to a long history of racism and socioeconomic forces, such as poverty and lack of services, in the United States, a better, more refined technique is needed that can address their multi-faceted and complicated experiences. This paper also outlines how this technique can be achieved and what it would look like in practical and professional applications.



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Author Biography

Victoria Catherine Olive, Seattle University, Seattle, WA

I am currently a senior undergraduate sociology major at Seattle University. My main areas of interest include gender, race, and sexuality studies. The research I have done attempts to integrate these themes using intersectional and feminist approaches.



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Olive, V. C. (2012). Sexual Assault against Women of Color. Journal of Student Research, 1(1), 1-9.



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