Mobile Application for Android to Submit the Road Complaints


  • Kiran Kumar Middle East College Muscat Oman
  • Miaad Mohammed
  • Puttaswamy Malali Rajegowda Middle East College


Mobile Application, Android, Road Complaints.


Because of the large number of accidents that occur due to road problems and damages to vehicles as a result of potholes in the roads, water pools, etc., citizens and residents need an application that facilitates the process of filing a complaint for these problems, so this application will meet the needs of citizens and residents in this regard. As it is an application that takes care of citizens and residents in terms of methods from the beginning to the end, that is, from the beginning of filing a complaint and receiving it to processing their request. Currently, this complaint is being implemented manually, as the citizen is forced to go to the Ministry in order to submit the application and fill in the data through papers. This paper seeks to review the current system with the aim of developing a smart solution to support citizens and residents in solving their problems related to roads and the problems they face continuously, such as potholes, water pools, and others. Which will include a special application for submitting a complaint about the roads, determining the location of the problem and attaching a picture of it, so that the responsible authorities can see the problem and verify it. The application also provides the status of the complaint and clarification to the applicant in the event that the application is under implementation or has been processed.


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