Information Security Risk Assessment and Management: A Comprehensive Approach


  • Raiyan Mustafa Mulla Middle East College
  • Ishitha Saravan
  • Lilibeth Reales Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College


security, Assessment, Management


A highly important methodology used by organizations to safeguard their electronic assets from several risks and weaknesses is information security risk assessment and management. Apart from taking into account all of the different kinds of security threats, this study seeks to present a comprehensive approach to risk assessment and management of information security. This holistic strategy's elements include identifying specific risks and vulnerabilities, assessing the possibility and magnitude of attacks and choosing the the most suitable countermeasures. A review of the literature pertaining to research on the comprehensive approach will be a crucial aspect of this study. In order to investigate the security threats that an established company experiences and to recommend the best way for minimizing them, a case-study approach is going to be utilized to gain insight on the practical use of the suggested solution in the real-world setting. This study will project a thorough comprehension of the various information security risk parameters, the discovery of numerous practices followed for risk evaluation and management, and finally the formulation of an appropriate approach for dealing with security-related risks that can be used by businesses of every kind. The findings of the research will contribute to the formulation of strategies and recommendations for the management of information security risk. The primary objective of the study is to give businesses an approach to manage the security of their data risks, which is essential for preserving their priceless assets and brand.


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