Exploring Homelessness Among Students in Merced County, CA

Mental Health and Access to Resources


  • Digvijay Bokey The University of California, Merced
  • Vishruth Bharath University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Gregory Brown Merced College
  • Dr. Bruce Metcalf Merced County Rescue Mission




Homelessness, Student mental health, Access to resources, Merced County, Academic performance, Living situation, Success stories, Education hotspots, Merced College, UC Merced, Guardian Scholars program, Homeless youth, Community Impact, Poverty, Higher education, Equal opportunity, Resource awareness, Educational barriers, Community Mapping


This comprehensive review paper aims to explore the effects homelessness has on students’ mental health and access to resources in Merced County, CA. By conducting interviews and meticulously analyzing multiple articles, this study investigates the impact of community mapping, support groups, and their connections with community-based research. The findings reveal a myriad of distinct factors that may lead to the plight of homelessness, while simultaneously illuminating potential avenues for assisting homeless individuals. Furthermore, this review paper delves into the impact of homelessness on mental health and education, highlighting the complex issue of student homelessness and the significance of promoting social mobility within the community.


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Author Biographies

Gregory Brown, Merced College

Professor of English at Merced College

Dr. Bruce Metcalf, Merced County Rescue Mission

Ceo of Merced County Rescue Mission

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Bokey, D., Bharath, V., Brown, G., & Metcalf, B. (2023). Exploring Homelessness Among Students in Merced County, CA: Mental Health and Access to Resources. Journal of Student Research, 12(3). https://doi.org/10.47611/jsr.v12i3.2084



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