Investigating the Association of Body Image Concerns and Disordered Eating Behaviors

South Koreans after the Pandemic




Eating Disorder, Body Image, Objectification, Body Shape, Self-Esteem


This study explores the factors driving eating disorders in South Korea within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, paying particular attention to individuals who are considering cosmetic operations because of their concerns about their bodies. Regression analysis and a two-sample t-test were used to determine the mechanism behind disordered eating behaviors. According to our research, eating disorders are significantly correlated with objectified body consciousness, appearance comparison, self-esteem, perceived body shape, and age. We also found substantial differences between individuals who had liposuction and those who had not, indicating a higher likelihood of viewing one's body as an object and engaging in body image and appearance comparisons as important indicators of eating disorders. The results show the need for greater knowledge of the factors that contribute to eating disorders and addressing body image concerns in prevention and treatment efforts.



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Author Biography

Chaehyun Yun, Foothill College

Chaehyun Yun is a committed scientist who has a strong interest in biobehavioral research, notably in the area of psychochemistry. She is actively researching a variety of health-related topics since she is passionate about discovering the complex connections between biology and behavior. Outside of the research lab, Chaehyun is a skilled flutist who uses her musical ability to support community outreach programs. Her long-term objective is to enter the healthcare industry, and she is steadily moving in that direction. Chaehyun Yun gives a multifaceted perspective to her work in the research community with her special blend of analytical rigor and aesthetic sensibility.





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Yun, C. (2023). Investigating the Association of Body Image Concerns and Disordered Eating Behaviors: South Koreans after the Pandemic. Journal of Student Research, 12(3).



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