Ukraine as an Example: The Cold War Never Ended


  • Ben Padan Diablo Valley College



Russia-Ukraine war, Russia Invasion, Realism, Realist policy


The United States and Russia have almost always been in constant conflict since the start of the twentieth century. While the Cold War took shape as a largely political battle between the superpowers, massive militaries were constructed to ensure their own interests. The collapse of the USSR left weakened, yet powerful Russia which sought to reassert its dominance into Eastern Europe. Clashes between pro-US and pro-Russian sides took place in countries like Ukraine, where it led to war in 2014. Acting against a disorderly NATO alliance, Russia launched a full scale invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022. Using realism to guide their actions for decades, both countries continue to use realist driven policy to secure their national security interests and influence in Ukraine. The United States and Russia each have a piece of the blame in what is apparently an endless conflict.


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