Post-Treatment Infection in Severe Burn Patients: A Comparative Review on Dermal Matrices


  • Zhiyu Zhang Indiana University Bloomington



burns, dermal regeneration, infection, Novosorb Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM), Integra Dermal Regeneration Template


Artificial dermal regeneration templates have been widely used in burn reconstruction surgery, and this allows subsequent skin graft to be taken more successfully. However, many clinical studies have noted instances of infection when testing the effectiveness of a specific template. This review aims to compare two common dermal regeneration templates that are very different in nature -- NovosorbÒ Biodegradable Temporising Matrix (BTM) and IntegraÒ Dermal Regeneration Template. Extensive literature search was conducted, and infection rates associated with each template were recorded. Based on the articles included, Integra has shown to be a more effective method and has resulted in lower infection rates. While current studies have begun to examine the use of dermal regeneration templates in additional settings, more long-term evaluations should be included in the future since wound contracture is a continuous process.


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