The Use of AI and Algorithms for Decision-making in Workplace Recruitment Practices


  • Kelvin Mariani Inter American University of Puerto Rico
  • Frederick Vega Lozada Inter American University of Puerto Rico



Algorithms, artificial intelligence, recruitment, decision making, regulation


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms in human resource management systems has increased in recent years significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote work. Research has shown that implementing AI systems in different workplace scenarios increases efficiency, reduces worktime, production and labor costs and the need for human workers to perform the tasks that AI systems can perform. Within human resource management practices, AI systems have been employed to do a multiple array of tasks such as: screening candidates, performance evaluations, facial and voice analysis during candidate interviews, training, and development. Other recruitment practices that employ AI systems are considered to have implications that make employers liable for possible discrimination which could occur as an adverse effect of having these systems partake in the decision-making process for employee selection. Certain authors have recognized the lack of the human factor in this process as detrimental and increases the possibility of error and bias in selection of candidates.

This study explored the use of these AI systems in the workplace and what regulations have been created to oversee how they can be employed for recruitment practices. It also aims to highlight the positive and negative impact of these AI supported practices. The results highlight the importance of regulating these practices as an effort to protect minority rights and privacy rights of people that are seeking employment. Identifying international and national legislation is necessary for adopting better regulated practices and guaranteeing worker’s rights.


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Mariani, K., & Vega Lozada, F. (2023). The Use of AI and Algorithms for Decision-making in Workplace Recruitment Practices. Journal of Student Research, 12(1).



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