The Iran Contra Affair: Reagan's Greatest Failure

All American Hero or Arms Dealer?


  • Connor Whalen Northern Kentucky University



Iran Contra Affair, McFarlane Affair, Reagan's Affair


The paper is focused on the individuals who were involved in the affair directly and those who investigated the under the table dealings of the Reagan administration, as well as Reagan's part in the affair.  It also looks at how the affair came to light, and how the whole affair was swept under the rug within a few years due to popular U.S. Cold War beliefs and the fear of communism spreading. Even those appointed to investigate Reagan could not do much, since he was so popular, and would remain so after what he had done came to light. He was essentially slapped on the wrist for having a "lax managerial style", and was not removed from office. In the end, those convicted for their roles in the arms dealing were pardoned, even as late as 1991, by president HW Bush, who was Reagans vice president.


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