Outer Space as a Global Common: Toward tragedy or governance


  • Constance Delaune Universita di Bologna




International Relations, Outer Space Policy, Global Commons


In recent decades, human dependency on outer space has grown while its exploitation has become increasingly complex due to the development of new actors and challenges. Through the legal framework of outer space, this paper wishes to analyse to what extent spacefaring actors cooperate in the management of outer space as a global common. After conceptualising the term global common, we will prove that space belongs to this legal category. Then, in a second part, using the principles listed by Ostrom in "Governing the Commons" we will see the mechanisms put in place to supervise the use of space. Finally, we will see the limits of the current governance of outer space, particularly on the subjects of the commercial exploitation of the moon, the management and accountability of debris, and the militarisation of space.


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