Review of Immediate and Delayed Dental Implant Placement in Modern Dentistry


  • Prayaag Parikh Western Sierra Collegiate Academy



immediate implant, delayed implant, dentistry, dental surgery, dental implant


This literature review contains the overview and comparison of three research articles regarding immediate implants and delayed implants in modern dentistry. With the rise of immediate implants, there are so many factors involved when they are placed during surgery as well as the overall efficiency of the implants. Studies from the three articles are reviewed thoroughly regarding the two main types of implant procedures. Research has shown that immediate implants have various benefits such as shorter treatment time and psychological benefit to the patient. For delayed implants, studies have proven that these implants contain a higher success rate with fewer post-operant complaints. There are many benefits and downsides to each of the options, and this review explores immediate and delayed dental implants while comparing them to one another in modern dental surgeries. The main results of the research was the immediate implants can be more useful and efficient that delayed implants when used properly in dental surgeries and also being well planned ahead of time. Though delayed implants have a higher success rate than immediate implants in tissue, immediate implants get the job done faster and can be a better option when it is well placed.


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