Smart fire extinguishing device


  • Muzna Al-Bulushi MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE


fire alarms, harmful gases


Fires is one of the most important issues leaves disastrous effects across the globe and fires crisis reaches a level that may lead to the loss of human life. So, the correct handling of fires is gaining a significant prominence. Mostly, At the present time there are many devices available that deal with fires. The biggest impediment of these devices system is the false and inaccurate fire alarms and delay in extinguishing the fire. Hence, in this project, is design an automatic smart fire extinguishing system, which ensures diverse service. In the system, the different type of sensor devices is used to detects the location of the actual fire without paying attention to the sources of smoke without fire. As per the fire sensor results, Signals are sent about the location of the fire to the Arduino and the signals are used for These signals are used to direct the extinguishing material towards the source of the fire directly, set an audible and visual alarm, and absorbing harmful gases


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