• Sara Mahmood AlMaimani MIDDLE EAST COLLEGE
  • Mohammad Saqib


Sewing clothes, mobile application, ER diagram, Flow chart diagram and firebases


Women can request from the application the cloth which she want. Where the application is designed for her to choose the style, size and colour which she want the cloth to be which happened women can request it at home and receipt at home also where they are not moving from their home. Women’s have a lot of style and colour also all the sizes in the application. Where the women can sign in to application if she have account before or she can sign up to the application then she can set up her clothe by choosing the style, size and the colour of the clothe, then she must pay by visa card only then the order will be deliver for her at the place she want. Also if the clothes is torn they can contact with us by the email or phone number which they can find it from the application. Also the application having two language which are English and Arabic. So, it’s easy for the women’s to order. The cloth takes less than one week to be ready. Also the delivery takes less than hours to reach their home or their place. It is easy for women’s to go to the sewing shop to sew the clothes where the application do the same but in different way. Also easy for the women’s which are not have car to sew their clothes at the same way we are conducting their clothes with their styles. The android studio is use for design the application where java language are used for the codes also firebases conducted in the application.


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