A Smart Waste Management System


  • Ajitha Sukumaran Middle East College
  • Ahmad Mazen Qasseem AL-Zoubi Middle East College
  • Vidhya Lavanya Ramachandran Middle East College


Waste Management System;, collecting duct;, Arduino UNO


Waste Management became a challenging problem in Sultanate of Oman and Worldwide. Most of the solid waste in Oman is a large percentage of the recyclable materials. Waste management system is a system used to automatically organize solid waste and dispose of it in different garbage bins to ensure more efficient recycling process. The aim of this project is to isolate the recyclable waste by separating the materials. When the user adds the waste into the collecting duct, the system identifies the material type whether it Dry, Wet or Metal, with help of the Arduino UNO and the sensors attached to the machine. After this stage, the system rotates 270 with the help of the servo motor to allocate the required bin. The LCD that is attached to the machine, shows the process of the system. However, the LCD can be used also for the commercial usage such as applying Ads, as we know the machine is placed in Residential areas. Additionally, the project has been implemented to IOT System, which now can send notification to the administrator room to collect the bin once it’s fully packed


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Author Biographies

Ajitha Sukumaran, Middle East College


Ahmad Mazen Qasseem AL-Zoubi, Middle East College

Department of Electronics and Comunication

Vidhya Lavanya Ramachandran, Middle East College

Department of Electronics and Communication



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