Study of the significance of using technology in enhancing the productivity in SMEs in Ad’ Dhahirah Governorate


  • Nasser Al Alawi Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), productivity, Technology, Ad’Dhahirah Governorate


Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can play a significant role in the economic growth of any country around the world if they are supported to give them the ability to increase their contribution to the GDP (Gamidullaeva et al., 2020). In order to promote the sector of entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises in the Sultanate, the government established a particular authority under the name of the Authority of Small and Medium Enterprises Development known as (Riyada) to supervise the regulation of this sector (Alqassabi, 2020). The rapid technological advances in our contemporary world have helped develop performance and productivity in companies globally. For this reason, companies of various classifications, including small and medium enterprises, are striving to use the latest technology in order to improve their production capacity and ensure their ability to continue competing in the market (Sunday & Vera, 2018). With technology, small and medium enterprises can get many benefits as the application of technology in these institutions will enhance the efficiency of their performance and raise their level of productivity. In addition, technology can ensure that these enterprises can compete with other competitors in the market in the long term (Ballestar et al., 2020). Overall, this research aims to find out how technology can be a catalyst in increasing the productivity of small and medium enterprises in Ad'Dhahirah Governorate were taken as a model (Prasanna et al., 2019).


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Author Biographies

Nasser Al Alawi, Middle East College



Middle East College, Oman


Senior Lecturer,

Department of Computing,

Middle East College, Oman

Aparna Agarwal


Department of Computing,

Middle East College, Oman

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