Design and Develop mobile application for Tamy Jewelers Boutique


  • Fatema Mohammed Obaid Al Mamari Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College


Online jewelry shopping, mobile application, customers, jewelers.


Jewellery has always been an imperative part of human life for eternities and it also plays an important role in incrementing the revenues of any country. Shopping for jewellery has at all times been hectic as it involves searching different stores to finally come across a piece that suits your choice and budget. In the recent pandemic situation, businesses have been forced to move online with no exception for jewellers. This will make jewellery shopping convenient for the shoppers. This research work is aimed at designing and developing a mobile application for “Tamy Jewellers” that facilitates easy shopping online thus avoiding crowds in the shops during festive and marriage seasons makes it manageable for the owners to provide services to the customers at an economical cost and setup. The customers can have a detailed look at the jewellery designs, add their feedback on the application, and avail the offers advertised by the owners on the application. This will enable the delivery at your doorstep and the payment mechanism can be chosen as per the customer’s preferences. The jeweller is also saved of the strain of showing the jewellery pieces to the customers one by one and putting them back safely. The customer can choose the category of jewellery, price range etc., and proceed at their own pace for shopping. The jeweller can showcase the designs that are prepared only on order or to be ordered from another country on-demand, on this platform to easily advertise them.


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