“The Express Shopper” A Mobile Application for Shopping and Order Delivery.


  • Hajar Sanad Sulaiman Saleh Al Toubi Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College


Online orders, product deliveries, Express shopper, customers, orders, delegates


During the recent time of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are hesitant to go out to hypermarkets and malls. As per the guidelines issued by the government people should avoid going out especially the elderly or sick people. The aim of this research work is to design and develop an application for the weekly shopping and order delivery system. In this application, many merchandises will be displayed for the purchaser to shop and choose the appropriate product such as food, clothes, or shoes, and upon completion of the shopping the order will be confirmed, and the purchaser will pick an applicable delegate to deliver the order. The application will include three types of users: the purchaser, the delegate, and the admin. The purchaser is shopping in the application and the delegate can register on the application to work with the function of delivering orders and the official can include numerous merchandises in the application and see the list of delegates. Therefore, the online shopping and ordering application has been developed, to serve people to get a simple job, which is to work as a representative for delivery and also serve the customer in shopping online faster. This will help the people to do the shopping based on their specifications to the delegates and generate employment opportunities for the delegates to help them survive in this difficult economic scenario. The application can be deployed by any hypermarkets and in that case, it may also be customized for their needs. 


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