Muhadara: Smart Mobile Application to Connect Teachers and the Students during COVID -19 Pandemic


  • Aaisha Said Sulaiman AL Senani Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College


students, teachers, volunteers, online learning, mobile application.


Online learning is a recent phenomenon that has evolved with technical advances, and with the spread of the new worldwide epidemic COVID 19, all educational institutions have initiated online learning. This online learning setup has posed some difficulties for the students like technical difficulties related to network, lack of peer interaction, practicing the lab work can be difficult, etc. All these reasons can account for the student's lack of understanding of subjects. This may result in their inability to perform well in the assessments, and difficulty in developing their skills in the course syllabus. Through this application, students can communicate with teachers who are volunteering to help for the social cause and reserve an appointment with them in order to explain lessons and expectations of the activities, the student can participate in discussion forums, discussions from the previous classes, and pre-recorded explanations, etc, The student can follow the appropriate links and make a booking to take a class with the volunteer teacher. The volunteer teachers can register in the application and mention the details of their expertise and availability. This app will be very useful for high school students and will also be economical.  The app will be a locus for institution of higher education students to ease the forfeiture of their scores. (Shivangi Dhawan_2020). The online survey was conducted with almost 50+ students to get an insight into the expectations of the students with this kind of application. The application servers the social cause and the community. 


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