Design and Develop a mobile application for smart tourism in Oman


  • Rania Salim Saud Al Habsi Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College


Smart tourism, Mobile application, Tourist information services, Tourism, Tourists.


The tourism sector is one of the most important areas to generate revenue for the government. The ministry of tourism and heritage in Sultanate of Oman is emphasizing on the need of promoting the tourism to contribute to the GDP of the Sultanate, open more employment opportunities for the nationals, career prospects for the youth, SMEs and other related local businesses will also get lucrative opportunities. Oman aims to maximize the investment in a way of developing social and economic benefits. Smart tourism became one of the most dependent applications and a trending smart way for visiting several tourism places all over the world these days. Oman is one of the most popular tourism targeted destination. Therefore, having an appropriate framework of smart tourism application especially for the tourists will support the Oman tourism sector. This research paper analyses the features of having smart tourist information services through an extensive literature review conducted on the existing applications in this domain all over the world, identifying the existing gaps, and addressing the same in this application.  It will be freely downloadable from Play Store or can be accessed using any browser. This application will be developed using Android Studio. The app will also analyse the customer satisfaction. Real time information will be available on the app for the selected location and will be reliable. It will save the time of the tourists and will enable them to get more guidance on the nearby surroundings, services available and also avail offers.


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