“The Communique” A Mobile App to learn English


  • Ms. Aya Abdullah Al-Luwaihi Middle East College
  • Aparna Agarwal Middle East College
  • Vikas Rao Naidu Middle East College


Student communication, Mobile Application, English learning, self-regulated learning, Mobile learning platforms


Acquiring knowledge and learning has become much simpler than it was previously, as many educational platforms are available to support self-learning. With the advent of mobile technologies, it has been comprehended that the learners  are more enthusiastic about learning from such applications. These mobile learning platforms support the learners more due to their flexible, portable and easy connectivity features. The literature evidences support the idea of mobile learning being used for facilitating English learning. However, some of these platforms are comprehensive and untidy, which may lead to difficulty in obtaining courses specialized in the topic that the user is searching for. This application aims to provide a good opportunity for all age groups to learn English easily. The Communique application would support individuals who are interested in learning the English language. The application contains a list of levels through which the user can easily access the courses appropriate to their level. This application was created for the Android system currently and may be provided later in other systems. The technology used to implement this mobile learning platform is Java for the frontend and Firebase for storing the data as the backend. The key benefits of this application can be summed as follows: the development of the learner’s cognitive ability, the learning in both formal and informal environment, the learner’s independence and self-reliance, promotion of personalized learning environment. However, the mobile learning platforms should be designed, planned and implemented with cautiousness, conferring to learners’ needs to provide an authentic learning platform.


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