Smart Learning analytical model (SLAM) using LMS for Middle East College


  • Shahed Yaqoob Juma Al-Raisi Middle East College
  • Syed Imran Ali Kazmi Middle East College
  • Muhammad Sohail Hayat Middle East College


Artificial intelligent, Machine Learning, Artificial narrow intelligence, Artificial general intelligence, Artificial super intelligence, Statistical natural language processing


This reseach project aims to design a new technology that helps the college to analysis its network traffic, improve its functionality, and protect it. The design analysis network traffic allows network administrator to examine its components and discover the things that might impact the network overall performance, identify problems, discover its root causes, and get solutions. Network administrator can through it detect the slow network components that impact its functionality such as the overloaded server or the frozen server, failed routers switches, or it can be any other device that have problem.The improvement that differentiates the proposed design is the usage of Machine Learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), which helps in monitoring the network without adding active traffic. The usage of ML helps to identify the change in traffic by predicting the expected traffic and network behavior based on network historical traffic. Moreover, the technology allows the administrator to monitor the network by visualize its components and LAN/WAN connections. Deployment the AI and the ML helps in decreasing the effort of tracking network functionality with the ability of pinpointing malfunction. Also, they will improve the business operation by granting high network service quality.


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