Deployment of secure network for VIVID Medical center based on MPLS links


  • Haitham Zahir Al-Abri Middle East College
  • Ali Abbas Middle East College
  • Raza Hasan Middle East College


distributed network, medical center, networks


Vivid Medical Center is considered one of the leading medical centers in Al Batinah Governorate in the city of Saham. It is a healthcare division of Vivid Hospital LLC, which provides world-class healthcare. It offers many medical specialties and has advanced technology, and high-quality equipment. The main business of the medical center is to provide early awareness and awareness about disease prevention through early diagnosis. In addition, the medical center contains several specialized medical and administrative departments. The medical center has a simple network that is not distributed among all departments and employees, they do not have a network connected to departments, and patient data cannot be transferred between employees and departments except through paperwork, which is considered somewhat outdated and impractical in the aspect of the organization’s performance, in addition to the absence of a system Protection of the network from any external or internal attacks. Therefore, the current network is not considered a triggering network to install the hospital management system.
My project will require rebuilding the entire health center network by designing and implementing an integrated and distributed network across all sections of the building's personnel. As well as implementing a high security system in the network in order to enhance network security and address security risks from inside and outside. In addition, all terminals will be provided to be distributed to all employees to ensure inter-departmental communication and support data transmission in a secure and encrypted channel.


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