Design and Development of Customer Support System using automation


  • Abdullah Said Saif Al Shidhani Middle East College
  • Salman Mahmood Malaysia University of Science and Technology
  • Raza Hasan Middle East College


Customer Service, Automation, Mobile Application, Remote, Covid 19


When an organization provides a variety of services and it has several clients across the nation and at an international level, then it gets difficult to manage all the customers through face to face interaction. Moreover, as the COVID-19 spread, it becomes impossible to have face to face interaction and social distancing is required. Manually over the emails phone calls, it gets complex to manage the customers and solve their issues. The project is going to be designed and developed for the organization and its customers. Employees will be able to cater for the problems faced by the customers and by doing this quality of service will be enhanced. The organization will be helped to solve the complaints of the customers and to develop teamwork in the organization. The research will be having a database that can store thousands of queries of customers. By using this system organization will be able to identify the frequently occurring issues. This will increase the efficiency and security of the system for customer support. It will automate the tasks and processes, employees of the organization will be using the system remotely from the houses which will facilitate to have social distancing. The system will be automatically managed without the involvement of employees and employees can instantly get the solution to their problem.


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