Claim study of contractors in Commercial Berth Project in Duqm Port in Oman


  • Omar Khaleel Middle East College
  • Sultan Mohamed Al Mandhari Middle East College



Claim, Contractor, Construction Cost


The claim during the implementation of projects is very important for the contractor and the consultant. As for the owner, it is considered expensive and cumbersome,and therefore the project contract must be very clear so that there are no gaps or defects against the owner.The aim of this research is to analyze and study deeply contractor's claim.The objectives of this study are to study the main factors for the contractor's claim to the commercial pier project in the Sultanate of Oman,including eleven factors. The second objective is to study the impact of the contractor's claim on the commercial pier project in the Sultanate of Oman, and it includes five factors, as the questionnaire was distributed to customers and various segments of society.The results of analyzing 16 factors to identify the key factors and the impact of the study of the contractors claim conclude that the main factors affecting the contactor's claim to the pier project.The factors and impacts are valid to the study after conducting analysis on the obtained data. The factors include the development unexpected weather conditions, inconsideration of the time frame, government approval of delays,poor coordination with the project parties, poor site management and supervision,a change in the clients requirements, the lack of experienced staff, incompetence among teams, low items in the bill of products,and misunderstanding the scope of work and specifications.The impacts to the completion of the Berth project include payment delays, delays in the extension of time,issuing variation order,value implementation engineering and cost reduction,and contractor's performance.


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Khaleel, O., & Al Mandhari, S. M. (2021). Claim study of contractors in Commercial Berth Project in Duqm Port in Oman. Journal of Student Research, 10(3).



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