Design and Implementation of an online auction in Al-Somhan showroom with Information Technology and Information


  • Hilal Baddaei Middle East College
  • Dr. Muhammad Saqib Mentor, Middle East College



Management, Information, Mobile Application


E-commerce is one of the best current trade because it contains many advantages and ease of traditional trade, especially at the time of the current pandemic. Therefore, most governmental and private institutions are trying to electronic transformation as soon as possible to stay on the commercial scene. Among these institutions is the Al Somhan Used Cars Exhibition. Therefore, this research paper will discuss the process of design and implementation of an online auction site for the Al Somahan Used Cars Exhibition. First, there will be a study and strategies on the transition from the traditional auction to the electronic auction, and what are the strategies for the technology that will be used in this transformation. Some comparisons will be made between online auctions such as eBay, Amazon, Copart ... and others. The paper will also contain some advantages and disadvantages in the online auction, the most important of which are security and fraud. The website design method will also be explained using the Visual Studio program. Also, the researcher will insert some diagrams, such as the use case diagram, class diagram, ERD...etc. Now a day people like to use their mobile phone too much so the mobile phone application will be design and implement to make life easy for the customers.


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