Preprint / Version 1

Using AI to Assess the Correlation Between Admittance Status and College Essays


  • Dante Pittorino College Impact


AI, College Essay, Computer Science


Over the past decade, admissions rates to selective universities have been significantly dropping, and with so many students having similar academic achievements there has been a greater emphasis placed on the college essay. We examined the correlation between admittance status and college essays by creating a non-biased AI model capable of predicting a student’s admittance to university only based on their essay with 76% accuracy. In addition, we ran sentiment, emotion, and topic analysis natural language processing models to reveal the common characteristics found in admitted essays. The results concluded that admissions officers favored essays with either a strong positive or negative sentiment, that conveyed a strong sense of desire, and were related to an educational topic. These results are an important tool for students and families to gain a better insight into the increasingly confusing university admissions process.

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