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Examining the impact of social media marketing on brand awareness and consumer reach for business


  • Ruhan Vinay College Impact


Business, Marketing, brand awareness


In today's market conditions, incorporating digital channels to establish and sustain a competitive edge is imperative for businesses. Social media has revolutionized the digital marketing landscape by making it easier for businesses to communicate, engage and gather insights from their target audience, thereby shifting the dynamics and customer expectations. Given the current economic climate and the myriad issues that businesses face, this transition has left them unsure about how to effectively navigate this changing terrain. This research will examine the impact of social media marketing practices of the top two shoe brands in the United States and their influence on brand awareness, customer engagement and the potential to broaden their global customer reach. The study will employ a content analysis approach to assess their promotional approaches, engagement based on the type of posts and content strategies to gather valuable insights on successful social media marketing strategies. This will help businesses in learning how to successfully engage their target audience on social media and optimize their social media presence in the future to increase their competitive edge and business growth.

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