The Impact of Debriefing Following Nursing Assessments


  • Amber Ong Elmhurst College
  • Kathy Sexton-Radek Elmhurst College



debriefing, nursing assessments



Nursing curriculums are demanding programs which may precipitate intense feelings of worry, tension, and stress in nursing students (Perpetua Moreire & Ferreira Furegato, 2013).  The impact of these feelings can hinder their self- efficacy.  Furthermore, their well-being may have a long-term effect transferrable to patient car (Jun & Lee, 2017).  It’s important to seek out ways to reduce these negative feelings and further support to mental health of nursing professionals.  Debriefing experiences are used as they provide emotional support.  Debriefing is a stress reduction technique that allows individuals to express and reflect upon their performance in a safe, non-judgmental space.

The goal of this research is to develop a comprehensive study on the impact of debriefing after nursing assessments.

Experimental Plan

  1. Class roster used to randomize an experimental group and a control group
  2. Class has an exam
  3. Group will take part in debriefing session (Independent Variable)
  4. Post self-assessment (Dependent Variable)

Experimental Group (A)

3D model of debriefing session

Control Group (B)

Unstructured debriefing session

PICO Question

For nursing students, immediately after taking an exam (P), how does a 3D model of debriefing (I) compare with an unstructured debriefing method © reduce self-reported stress and instill self-reported confidence as measured by post debriefing survey.

Participant Commentary

“This debriefing after the exam helped alleviate stress prior to taking the OSCE next.”

“I am thankful for this time to discuss. I was helpful for me to talk with others and discuss the study techniques.  Thanks for putting this together! I am interested to read up on the results to better prepare for the exams and distress before exams”

“It felt like a needed therapy session, I’m not the only one”

Moving Forward

Continue research in peer-led debriefing

Clinical debriefing experience

Research class

Obtain large class size

Conduct during in school session

Look into evidence-base practice of academic stress relief

CASE program 2019


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Amber Ong, Elmhurst College


Kathy Sexton-Radek, Elmhurst College


Psychology Department



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